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较低的学校 Science outside


Our 较低的学校 (grades pre-k-5) encourages and celebrates children’s natural sense of wonder as they grow into confident learners through the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP). Our balanced model for learning and instruction, guided by two experienced teachers in each classroom and talented specialists throughout the day, helps students build community, 点燃的好奇心, and establish close relationships. 

Grade 4 student happy in class

We Celebrate  children’s natural sense of wonder

我们的目标是 较低的学校 (Pre-K-5) is to open a new world of learning for our youngest Scots while contributing to each child's 社会 and emotional growth. We strive to provide learning experiences for our early childhood and elementary level students that combine a sense of community, 信任, and friendships while igniting their interest and curiosity in the world around them.

In alignment with our PYP项目, Saint Andrew’s has adopted Singapore Math, a program that refers to a teaching methodology that emphasizes a conceptual approach to understanding 数学. 

Saint Andrew’s delivers a multi-faceted litreracy instruction through units exploring both reading and writing. The 较低的学校 has implemented the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education's Orton-Gillingham structured literacy program. We utilize Fountas and Pinnell’s Literacy Continuum in kindergarten through five. 

Our single-subject teachers engage our students in areas such as performing arts, 技术, 数学, 科学, and world languages.


Two Teachers Per Classroom

We provide two experienced teachers in each classroom as well as single-subject specialists in the arts, 技术, 科学, 设计, physical education, and world languages.

Balanced approach to English & 数学

We teach English Language Arts skills explicitly through mini-lessons and workshops in keeping with our dedication to the student-centered classroom. The Singapore Math methods provide students with a solid foundation in 数学 by focusing on visual understanding, 连接, 数觉, 掌握, logical reasoning, communication of ideas, and word problems.

IB: Primary Years Programme (PYP)

In the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP), students enjoy learner-centered teaching, with an inquiry-based, concept-driven transdisciplinary curriculum model.


We invite you to take a moment to discover why Saint Andrew’s 较低的学校 is unique among other schools. In addition to our loving and dedicated teachers and staff, we offer a diverse program that encourages students to reach their academic, 社会, and emotional potential in a challenging yet supportive environment.