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Saint Andrew’s Model United Nations Team Participates in South Florida MUN Conference

SA Model UN students

Saint Andrew's Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, participated in the 2nd Annual Warrior Model United Nations Conference (Warrior MUN II) on Friday, September 29, and Saturday, September 30 at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida.  

Over 140 participants from three South Florida high schools explored various problems of the world and devised solutions through discussion, negotiation, and debate. Students simulated roles as General Assembly delegates to the United Nations where they focused on real-world issues such as the conflict in the West African Sahel, and the Myanmar conflict. Other students served on hypothetical crisis simulation committees focusing on the Manhattan Project, Formula 1 Racing, and Star Wars- 10BBY.

Model UN or MUN, is an Upper School extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates of countries or organizations to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Advised by Dr. Jason Schipper and Mrs. Anita Orr, the Saint Andrew’s Model United Nations team meets once a week to prepare for their role in these conferences, which various members of the Saint Andrew’s Model UN team attend throughout the year. Model UN is just one of the many teams our students can take part in that allow them to expand and enhance our tradition of excellence in extracurricular opportunities.

Saint Andrew’s Model UN team participants that served as delegates included Emma Bachrodt ’26, Gracie Brow ’25, George Meehan ’25, Cristina Sher ’24, Sean Silverman ’25, and Daniel Stoica ‘26.

Matthew Forkey ’24 and Bree Goggins ’26 were selected to serve in the prestigious roles of Co-Chairs for the various committees. Christina Sher ’24 received Most Distinguished Delegate, the second-best award given to a committee delegate, for her role on the Star Wars- 10BBY Crisis Committee representing Saw Gerrera. 

Congratulations to all our Saint Andrew’s MUN participants!

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